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Rhizome and the Flavonoids "Synthetic Soup" Cassette

Rhizome and the Flavonoids "Synthetic Soup" Cassette

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The Proto-proto-punk solo project by the recluse that brought you Chick Vectors and the young brat that was involved in 2010's Australian punk bands such as INSURGENTS (Brisbane) and THE ZINGERS (Melbourne)




"Askew melodies, driving hardcore drums and a superbly orchestrated mess of synthesiser and screeching guitar amalgamate in this witty and droll Post-Punk masterpiece. Distinctly facetious vocals skewer political and societal gaffes while the deviant compositions sneer at the mundaneness of formulaic rock. Layer upon layer of outlandish and obscure sounds drag the listener through the mud of modern life and out the other side sparkling clean, however a little disoriented."

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