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OSBO "S/T" 7"

OSBO "S/T" 7"

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OSBO is a curious entry in the canon of the Sydney underground in 2024, a lone pillar between the lo-fidelity pop-laden leanings of Gee Tee, Satanic Togas, RMFC et al. and the slick mainstream hardcore juggernauts of Speed and associates. This is a gritty, modern classic of a hardcore record, with production hitting a rare sweet spot - raw and in-the-red enough to capture your primal yearning for immediacy, and yet possessing just the right amount of clarity that the strength of the songs shine through. Comparisons to Cold Sweat's timeless 2004 LP 'Blinded' seem lazy, but given the prominence of bludgeoning bass lines, hornet-swarm guitar work and vocals teetering right on the edge, perhaps those comparisons would not be unwelcome. There's also plenty of fast parts to get your blood and your fist pumping - and after all why else would you wanna play hardcore? Play fast and play loud. Buy this.

- Moose, @evolvetougly


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